Focusing on what’s most important.

As a business we strive to improve the positive aspects of our operations and work towards the reduction, and elimination, of the negative aspects. Our Safety record is impeccable and that is a statistic we intend to maintain.

Quests’ commercial objectives are to provide professional, customer focussed contracting services to all our clients at optimum cost with a commitment to complying with all Health and Safety legislation.

A fundamental part of our business at the core of our operations.

Obviously the law imposes a duty of care on all companies for the well being of its employees, but rather than merely paying lip service to those requirements we place a moral value on our obligations to ensure the safety and welfare of any person affected by our activities. Though aside from our moral responsibilities, good Health and Safety makes sense, and is good business. A safe, clean, well organised place of work is a more pleasant environment in which to be, is therefore more productive, and ultimately, more cost effective. But the genuine concern we express for the welfare of those we employ, we know from experience, can only be repaid with loyalty.

Our Safety Management System, which is fully documented and comprehensively reviewed each year, provides the framework for setting objectives and targets helping us to further improve safety procedures.

Safety First. Safety Always.

We place the highest importance on these issues and demand 100% compliance from all our operatives, on every site. We constantly review all product data and maintain an up to date library of materials and COSSH substance information to reduce and control any potential hazard and assess all new proposed processes to identify and eliminate any potential risks.

Environmental issues are equally important to us as not only do they prevent harm to people, they are an essential element of good business which protects and even enhances ours, and our clients image.